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What We Do

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Our Mission

WINOPTIMUM's goal is to find a well-grounded OPTIMAL SOLUTION

There are two options:

• Non-scientific method
• Scientific method

Non-scientific method

• Intuition
• Experience
• Ask for advice

Examples of using the wrong criterion

Find the right criterion
The wrong selection method can change history
The Battle of Waterloo, fought on June 18, 1815, was Napoleon's last and crucial battle, because his defeat put a final end to his rule as Emperor of France.
Historians cite a number of factors that led to the defeat, but Napoleon calles one of the reasons for his defeat in the Belgian campaign, and in particular the loss of the battle at Waterloo - the absence of Berthier, his outstanding chief of staff.
Napoleon said that Berthier could have arranged so that Grouchy, having received the command in time, would not remain in indecision, but would hasten to help.
During the Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon, impatiently awaiting Grouchy’s  troops, asked Marshal Soult: "Did you send messengers to Grouchy?" in which Marshal Soult replied: "Yes, Sir, I sent one." Hearing this, Napoleon said: "Dear Sir, Berthier would have sent a hundred messengers!"
As you can see, the chief of Napoleon's staff, instead of the criterion of optimality - to deliver the report, choose something else, for example, to save the adjutants.

Abvious criterion:

Complete the mission with minimal losses
Winning Criterion:
Complete the task at any cost
Maxim gun - an example of the right choice of criterion
Hiram Stevens Maxim, the inventor of the Maxim machine gun, instead of the criterion for reducing the recoil from powder shots, he used such a criterion as: the use of recoil to reload the machine.
Abvious criterion:

Reducing recoil from powder shots

Winning Criterion:
Using recoil to reload powder cartridges